How to Write an Essay Outline


Learn How to Compose Your Essay Outline

Composing an essay becomes very complicated when you don’t have an essay outline or plan of attack. Colleges & Universities assign students with essay writing tasks on a daily basis to help them improve their writing skills. The major concern at the end of the day is about “How to write an essay” in the best and most logical way possible in order to get the best grades possible. Writing an essay outline is a tool that when done correctly, will do just that.

Writing your Essay Outline

Remember : If you can make an essay outline than you can definitely write a good essay.

Writing a remarkable essay is not going to be a problem if you create an essay outline. Creating your essay outline depends on the amount of research you have done on a particular topic. When you are creating your essay outlines on a draft, it is essential to manage your essay outlines in a systemic way so that you can implement your ideas in an organized manner. Most of the writers are skilled and they organize their essay outlines from the beginning while others find it tough to align it in a proper manner. This is really helpful for papers like a compare and contrast essay where you need to have two sides of information.

Organizing your ideas entirely depends on your selected essay topic, arguments you are going to set & the audience you are going to cover. The main problems arise when your research expands & everything seems scattered or you’re working with a lot of essay topics. To avoid this you have to write down your essay outline followed by points relevant to it. Follow this sequence till you are finished with all the ideas that you have generated from your research.

This technique helps a lot in forming your optional thesis statements and their respective points. You can select any of those thesis statements keeping one thing in mind that you have to choose the broader topic. Begin your task from broader topic to more specific ones. Creating an essay outline is not the only technique you can try. You can also brainstorm your ideas, use clustering techniques, free writing, looping & questioning or ask questions to explore the topic.


Brainstorming helps you get quality content for your essay. Brainstorming is a common technique used by most of the professional writers & students to overcome their essay writing challenges.

This technique is simple where an individual has to use his brain and generate ideas and list them down continuously without stopping. You do not have to worry about right or wrong, just carry on making a list of ideas. After 20 minutes of brainstorming you will realize that you have generated a lot of ideas in a very short span of time. These ideas are going to help you form your thesis statements & you can arrange them or label them in an order that suits your essay topic.


Clustering is a very useful technique of finding the relationship between each generated idea. It is a process of combining your sub ideas with the main subject of an essay topic. Write down your main idea and circle it, join the related ideas with the main circle. Then join new ideas with the related ideas and carry on forming a spider web of ideas. In this way you will find complete organized ideas to compose your main body & other paragraphs of an essay writing task. Clustering technique is very handy in distinguishing your ideas and how they will fit together in your essay, giving your assignment a proper direction towards your academic success.


You can write an essay on any topic if you master the skill of free writing. Free writing is a process where you concentrate on a specific topic and write about it for at least 15 minutes non-stop without even worrying about grammar or spelling mistakes. Let the ideas flow on a piece of paper and you will be surprised at your hidden talent of writing skills at the end of it. This technique assists in gathering a lot of points on a specific topic and aligning them afterwards to form the main structure of your essay.


Looping is a technique of filtering your ideas into more specific form to give you an appropriate approach in completing your assignment. It is a continuous process of free-writing, selecting a specific interesting topic within the free writing process, again free-writing on that new topic and so on. Carry on this process till you are finished with 4 to 5 looping. It creates a sequence of free-writing or loop of new topics & at the end gives you a view of the original idea of more specific and appropriate vision.

Journalist’s Secret

Asking the right Question’s will get people to love your Essay. This is a very popular & powerful method of developing information about a particular topic. It is all about reasoning and asking questions as to “how”, “why”, “where”, “what”, “when”, & “who” on the topic. Professional writers use this strategy to explore all ends of the topic. This method is very useful while creating a draft or essay outlines.

Writers Recommendation

These processes and methods were researched and implemented to help students improve their essay writing skills. After each essay is completed it is recommended to proofread or edit your content for grammatical, punctuation, & spelling mistakes. Most students score lower marks just because of their carelessness in proofreading or editing where it is required. Finally the last part is believing in yourself and always remember you can write an essay better than anyone else. Make sure you proofread any assignment before submitting.