A Few Essay Writing Topic Ideas

In essay writing the hardest thing is to get started. In fact, the main thing you need to get started it’s finding an inspirational topic for writing, something you are interested in or care about, then the process will go smoother.

On the one hand, it’s much easier when the topic has been assigned, though it limits and narrows your opportunity to be creative. Anyway, in case you have a lack of inspiration, then you should stop thinking and simply relax. Meditation helps to switch off unnecessary thoughts, and when you clear your mind – there will come the inspiration or at least a couple of good ideas to start with.

Try a long walk and breathe some fresh air, perhaps, that will switch on the brainstorming process in your head. If that doesn’t help, then you should have a look at one of the suggestions online – that will help you to come up with some ideas. Here are some ideas for you to get inspired:

Describe something

In such an essay you might describe a person, a place or some thing. Be attentive to details and describe small nuances like smell, touch, taste, sound and color. Underline and put in the details that are usually hidden from peoples’ eyes, but is worth writing about. 

Tell a story

Storytelling or narration is also a great idea for an essay. A narration-essay can be an illustration of something or simply a story or a tale to entertain the readers. It can be an imaginary one or a story from your personal life.

Explain a process

Some process explaining, describing how something is made or done might also be of a great interest to write and read about. In such a descriptive essay you can clarify or explain something, or even surprise reveling information which is not known by the wide public.

Compare and contrast

In your essay you can either compare something or contrast. Use your imagination to tell about the way something used to be and is now. It can be some comparison of the old good times and nowadays. Or comparison of the feelings and thoughts you had, when you were a child and an adult. It might be a comparison and contrast of two cities or countries.

Write about causes and effects

In such an essay you can take some subject or a fact to explain its causes or effects. Tell about global warming, eating or not eating meat, sunbathing, space exploring or genetically modified food. Give your suggestions and think about such things, as why it happens and what to do with that.

Write a persuasive speech

If you have always dreamt of changing the world to the better you can start with writing a persuasive speech in your essay. The talent of making persuasive speeches is a precious thing, as it might influence lives. You can touch someone’s hart with your essay and even find some adherent. Who knows, maybe you have a talent of persuading people or writing something unique and can begin to teach people how to write in iambic pentameter. Writing is only confined by your imagination. Why don’t you check it right now by writing an essay?